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Get found, claim your space, promote your services, engage with clients and grow.

 Advertise with us. No upfront fees.  

This is the age of Groupon, discounts and deals and in a market as competitive as childcare, you need a edge to stand out and keep your business fully booked. 

Best Crèche SA is South Africa's first childcare search platform that only caters for childcare providers. 

Best crèche SA is a multi-level advertising platform formulated to bring childcare providers, service providers and childcare seekers together. For years we have been working on perfecting our database of childcare providers, service providers as well as childcare seekers. This means that you as a childcare or service provider will have access to thousands of childcare and service seekers.

Using our platform means that you can:                                         

.  Advertise your business or service.

.  Grow your Business.

.  Get more exposure.

.  Engage with clients.

.  Start your own waiting list.

How does it work

You post your listing with us.(Click below to get started). Listings are placed free of charge. We will advertise and promote your service or product on all your social platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Emails etc. We will engage with potential new clients, set up appointments and viewings in the case of Childcare. We will serve as your own personal marketing team and once your new client claims his/her deal via us, we take our cut or finders fee (20%) and the rest get paid out to you. 

Discounts on your service or product must be no less than 30% of you  asking price.

Let us connect our thousands of users to your products and services. Contact us to get started.             

Service Providers:

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